There is nothing better than a great night's sleep, after which you wake us refreshed and raring to tackle the day ahead.

But as often is the case when snoozing under a synthetic, feather or down duvet, you overheat, cannot get warm, have to add blankets then remove them, fight with a partner who is colder or warmer than you and you wake up exhausted and frustrated. If you relate to this description, then we have the answer – wool bedding.

The Woolmark Company and research staff from University of Sydney’s Faculty of Health Science have performed a range of sleep experiments to better understand this incredible effect. Their results showed that sleeping in wool bedding can lead to 25 per cent more deep regenerative sleep as well as maintaining a steadier heart rate and reducing humidity.

H Dawson Wool sources and supplies wool which goes into duvets for all seasons, pillows, mattress protectors, baby blankets, throws and much more. Millions of people across the world are waking up to the beauty of wool and how it can make a real difference to the quality of their sleep. With wool bedding, there’s no need to count sheep!

Testimonial from a wool bedding convert: "Having bought a duo wool duvet and mattress topper, I remarked to my husband that for the fourth night running since we have been sleeping under the duvet, the sheep have been giving me the most amazing dreams. I am no longer waking several times a night. His reply was that it is not the sheep, but the properties of the wool that are making me sleep deeper. I prefer to think of it as a gift from the sheep! This honestly has been the buy of the century for us! I will be replacing all the duvets in our house, getting rid of the feather ones and getting wool mattress protectors...absolutely marvellous." Laura