For centuries, carpets and rugs in a home have been a sign of luxury, of status and of pride.

And whilst recent years have witnessed a trend towards alternative floor coverings, consumers are now voting with their feet and returning to the beauty, practicability and comfort of wool carpets throughout their homes.

What could be better than rising from bed and sinking your feet into a plush, warm, cosy carpet? Carpet offers not only aesthetic benefits and comfort, but they can be beneficial to people who suffer from allergies. A wool carpet acts as a filter for allergens and dust, until they are vacuumed or removed. As long as a wool carpet is regularly and properly cleaned, according to the manufacturer's instructions, then they will protect householders from potentially harmful allergens and irritants. A home with hard floors creates much more dust as there is less surface area to hang onto the particles, so they float around in the air, being breathed in and potentially causing irritation.

A wool carpet will last many years longer than a synthetic carpet and it will look even better with age. It will reduce the heating bill of a home by 10 per cent in a year and can absorb VOCs, so a wool carpet is undoubtedly the healthier option. Whether a customer's looking for a traditional high or low loop pile, a twist or a Berber style, wool is the answer. Thanks to skilled dyers and talented colour-technicians, wool carpet are available in any shade, tone or colour to suit any location or style of décor. Carpet manufacturers are skilled at changing with the time and creating products which reflect trends and styles. The current trends nod towards neutrals with a focus on reflecting the uncomplicated beauty of nature.

Just sit back and think about how it feels to walk on a wool carpet; it is plush, warm, comforting and perhaps most importantly, it is non-slip. This is particularly important for older people who sometimes require a little extra help to stay safe in the home. And if they do have a fall, a wool carpet helps to soften the blow and reduce the likelihood of broken bones.

A wool carpet is like a fine wine; it ages well. It will retain its good looks and vibrancy and will remain resilient over the years, as compared to Polypropylene fibres which may matt or become crushed. In addition, a wool carpet is more static-resistant than a synthetic one and has a very low flammability level, making it a much safer option.

H. Dawson Wool continues to source and supply the world's best wool used to create thousands of carpets, rugs and runners every year – and the simple fact is, people who know, buy wool.