If you want to know what difference wool can make, then you have come to the right place.

Every employee of H. Dawson, from those who source the products, to those who buy and sell it, through to the senior management team, lives and breathes wool.

If you are thinking about producing a wool-based product, or incorporating it into an existing range, then we can help. We are able to identify the very best wool which will be fit for any specific purpose, consistent in quality and excellent value for money. We can recommend which country of origin would be best for you and introduce you to our network of growers, so you can see for yourself how the wool is grown and collected. We aim to provide a transparent service where honesty and integrity are an inherent part of the process. Because we care about where wool comes from and where it ends up, we are involved in the supply process from beginning to end and take great pleasure from working in close partnership with customers to ensure they get the best wool, every time.


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