H. Dawson Wool has supplies the world’s best wool to customers all over the world for nearly a century and a quarter, so we can confidently say we know a lot about wool – and we also know a lot about our customers.

But we are always open to new ideas and experiences, which is what keeps us on our toes, always seeking the best wool for customers old and new, whichever line of business they may be in.

H. Dawson Wool has been used to create coffins, carpets and even tennis balls! Our wool has wrapped itself around the Harvey Nichols department store in London to create an eye-catching and incredible woolly wonder for Wool Week. And naturally, our wool finds its way into some of the world's finest catwalk-inspired clothing, interior accessories and high quality performance gear. Wool from H. Dawson is used as insulation, to provide acoustic excellence and to help the world get a better night's sleep. Now that’s reassuring, isn't it?