Having supplied wool to customers all over the world for 130 years, we can confidently say we know a lot about wool – and we also know a lot about our customers. 

But we are always open to new ideas and experiences, which is what keeps us on our toes, always seeking the best wool for customers old and new, whichever line of business they may be in.

H. Dawson Wool has been used to create carpets, bedding, garment insulation and even tennis balls!

Our wool has wrapped itself around the Harvey Nichols department store in London to create an eye-catching and incredible woolly wonder for Wool Week.

And naturally, our wool finds its way into some of the world's finest catwalk-inspired clothing, interior accessories and high quality performance gear. Wool from H. Dawson is used as insulation, to provide acoustic excellence and to help the world get a better night's sleep.


Our Customers & Partners


For centuries, carpets and rugs in a home have been a sign of luxury, of status and of pride.

And whilst recent years have witnessed a trend towards alternative floor coverings, consumers are now voting with their feet and returning to the beauty, practicability and comfort of wool carpets throughout their homes. What could be better than rising from bed and sinking your feet into a plush, warm, cosy carpet? Carpet offers not only aesthetic benefits and comfort, but they can be beneficial to people who suffer from allergies. A wool carpet acts as a filter for allergens and dust, until they are vacuumed or removed. As long as a wool carpet is regularly and properly cleaned, according to the manufacturer's instructions, then they will protect householders from potentially harmful allergens and irritants. A home with hard floors creates much more dust as there is less surface area to hang onto the particles, so they float around in the air, being breathed in and potentially causing irritation.


Just sit back and think about how it feels to walk on a wool carpet; it is plush, warm, comforting and perhaps most importantly, it is non-slip. This is particularly important for older people who sometimes require a little extra help to stay safe in the home. And if they do have a fall, a wool carpet helps to soften the blow and reduce the likelihood of broken bones.

A wool carpet is like a fine wine; it ages well. It will retain its good looks and vibrancy and will remain resilient over the years, as compared to Polypropylene fibres which may matt or become crushed. In addition, a wool carpet is more static-resistant than a synthetic one and has a very low flammability level, making it a much safer option.

H. Dawson Wool continues to source and supply the world's best wool used to create thousands of carpets, rugs and runners every year – and the simple fact is, people who know, buy wool.

wool bedding


There is nothing better than a great night's sleep, after which you wake us refreshed and raring to tackle the day ahead.

But as often is the case when snoozing under a synthetic, feather or down duvet, you overheat, cannot get warm, have to add blankets then remove them, fight with a partner who is colder or warmer than you and you wake up exhausted and frustrated. If you relate to this description, then we have the answer – wool bedding.

The Woolmark Company and research staff from University of Sydney’s Faculty of Health Science have performed a range of sleep experiments to better understand this incredible effect. Their results showed that sleeping in wool bedding can lead to 25 per cent more deep regenerative sleep as well as maintaining a steadier heart rate and reducing humidity.

H Dawson Wool sources and supplies wool which goes into duvets for all seasons, pillows, mattress protectors, baby blankets, throws and much more. Millions of people across the world are waking up to the beauty of wool and how it can make a real difference to the quality of their sleep. With wool bedding, there’s no need to count sheep!


Wool sourced and supplied by H. Dawson goes into products which enhance the home and help to soften the edges of the built environment.

Wool can be used to create beautiful curtains with stunning natural drape, cushions, rugs, wall hangings, runners, blankets, rugs and bedding. You can rely on wool to perform, to last and to offer a different dimension to every style and taste.

H. Dawson Wool works closely with the designer and manufacturers of fine interior furnishings to ensure they have access to the very best, most fit for purpose wool available.

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Fashionistas can be a fickle bunch, changing their minds about what is in and what is a sin as soon as the last model leaves the catwalk.

But one thing can be certain; even in the uncertain world of high end and high street fashion, wool remains the leader of the pack, season after season.

Centuries of people have chosen wool as the perfect fibre to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer – acting when woven, just as it does when it is on the sheep. As style seems to matter more than practicality for many people in contemporary times, wool is relied on as the fibre of choice for high end fashion, luxurious suiting and outerwear, sumptuous knitwear and lightweight layers. Perfect for any climate, wool can be used on its own or blended with other fibres to be used in numerous applications. Wool is being used in technical outerwear for those who engage in outdoor pursuits like skiing, snowboarding, climbing, cycling, running and walking. Wool holds its shape well and is both durable and long lasting. And what’s more, it is also fully biodegradable – a garment made of 100 percent wool will, at the end of its very long life, biodegrade safely.


H. Dawson Wool has supplied wool to producers of non-woven fabrics like felt, which are used widely in the artisan and craft communities across the world.

Felt is also being used in innovative ways in architecture, the built environment, clothing and interiors.

We believe that wool is unrivalled in its applications and that its beauty, flexibility, longevity and quality means that it performs time after time, irrespective of the role it is used to fulfil.

Insulation & Felt



H. Dawson Wool supplies wool to manufacturers of insulation which is then used in millions of homes across the world.

History demonstrates the effectiveness of wool as an insulator, with ancient Nomadic tribes using it to insulate yurts, due to its weather resistant and insulating properties. The crimped nature of wool traps air in millions of tiny pockets, which acts as an effective insulator – and it allows a building to breathe. 'This super fibre' also has the benefit of being able to absorb moisture without itself getting wet and weighed down – think about the sheep on the highlands of Cumbria and Scotland where it rains a lot – their wool takes in water but this does not affect their comfort, quality of life or ability to roam freely.

Wool insulation does not sag like alternative products, so it retains its thermal insulation values for much longer than the cheaper, synthetic alternative. Yet another benefit of wool is that it can be recycled and reused, and it requires a low level of wool to manufacture. It is healthy and natural and is resistant to mould, naturally flame retardant, self-extinguishing and will not melt. 100 per cent wool insulation is biodegradable and can be composted.




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