Transparent, reliable, seamless service

H. Dawson Wool strives to simplify the wool buying and selling process, and that is why our customers return time after time to find out what we have to offer.

We take the time to really understand our suppliers, to find out how they grow wool and what makes their product really special. We forge strong relationships with our customers, to gain an insight into the exact nature of their business, how they like to operate, what they need and how we can support them.

H. Dawson Wool is renowned worldwide for being reliable, honest and part of the team. We care about wool, and how it is sourced, sold and used. That is what makes us different. Our teams of merchants are experienced, dynamic, knowledgeable and approachable. Our word is as good as the products we buy and sell; consistent, genuine and reliable.



We Buy Your Wool

The fairest price for suppliers

The strong relationships we have established and proudly maintain with the producers of carpets, apparel, furnishings, performance wear, building products and beyond, enable us to secure the fairest price for suppliers outside of the United Kingdom. We always endeavour to make the supply chain process as simple as possible.

Our business is built on relationships, respect and the ability to reassure our partners that we buy and sell wool of a consistent quality, at a fair price, delivered on time.

Stock Service

H. Dawson Wool maintains a high level of different types of wool in stock, readily available for customers to buy, with no delay.

We have what we believe to be the widest selection of wool stock types in the world, packed up and ready for delivery.

This service gives us the opportunity to be able to respond to customer demand very quickly, fulfil orders and ensure we are the first port of call for anyone who requires wool quickly. We are reliable, efficient, customer focused and here for you.

And in the unlikely event that we do not have the wool you want in stock, we can source it for you, using our wide network of suppliers around the world.